November 20th, 2012

Ashita he

My tweets

  • Mon, 22:48: I've spent most of the day watching anime. So far, I've watched up to episode 5 of Magi, and up to episode 6 of Psycho Pass.
  • Mon, 22:50: I'm really enjoying Psycho Pass so far. :O I'm already a fan of crime dramas and I like Urobuchi Gen's writing, so it's right up my alley.
  • Mon, 22:52: I quite like marathoning shows like this. Maybe it's a good thing I haven't been keeping up with all this new anime, ahaha.
  • Mon, 22:54: Next time I have time to do this, I'll marathon From the New World and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • Mon, 22:59: Something that amused me about Psycho Pass: in ep 2, they showed the female lead lounging around in her apartment without a shirt or bra...
  • Mon, 23:00: ...and I was like "Pfft. Fanservice. 9_9"
  • Mon, 23:00: Then the next episode started with the male lead working out shirtless and then pouring water over himself. XD
  • Mon, 23:01: At least it's equal opportunity fanservice, lol.
  • Tue, 07:56: I shouldn't have this late at night when I have work tomorrow, but I marathoned From the New World. I'm hooked!