October 30th, 2012

Ashita he

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  • Mon, 16:51: I wonder if this storm will affect the JAM Project concert this weekend and/or the Amtrak trains...? D:
  • Mon, 16:52: I mean if Baltimore is flooded/has widespread power outages, it could conceivably get cancelled, right?
  • Mon, 16:55: Though my more immediate concern is that my dog hates going outside in the rain...how am I supposed to make him go pee? o_o;
  • Tue, 04:46: So I've been watching Ikoku Meiro no Croisee with mom while we've been stuck in the house all day.
  • Tue, 04:47: At one point she asked if Alice was a lesbian. XDD
  • Tue, 04:52: Still don't know if I should go to work tomorrow. I know mom isn't since the federal government will be closed...
  • Tue, 04:53: I guess I'll just have to see how things are tomorrow...