July 30th, 2012

Ashita he

My tweets

  • Mon, 04:58: I'm back from Otakon! ^^
  • Mon, 05:00: Here's my poster autographed by Kakihara Tetsuya. :)))) http://t.co/6NNwrBgk
  • Mon, 05:03: I had to wait like three hours and miss all the Madoka stuff and just getting into the line was stressful, but it was worth it!
  • Mon, 05:07: I didn't have time to talk with him much either, I basically just said "I love Gurren Lagann and Simon!"
  • Mon, 05:10: And he said "Oh, this is rare!" when he saw my poster. XD Gosh, he was so cute.
  • Mon, 05:12: I had to skip his panel in order to get the autograph though, so I missed out on hearing him say some lines from Gurren Lagann. :(
  • Mon, 05:17: But I did attend his Gundam Unicorn panel! I got to hear him say "Cowabunga!" with Michael Sinterniklaas. :D They were adorable together~
  • Mon, 05:20: Anyway, now I have posters autographed by Simon's Japanese & English voice actors hanging over my bed. :)))) http://t.co/01b0qRLr
  • Mon, 05:26: I got Gen Urobuchi's autograph too, and attended his Q&A panel, which I guess makes up for missing the Madoka stuff. :)
  • Mon, 05:29: Other highlights: Aya Hirano's concert was fantastic, and the Steins;Gate dub was great (and a lot of fun to watch with a crowd). XD
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