July 25th, 2012

Ashita he

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  • Tue, 21:13: RT @Anime: Interest: British Olympian: Pokémon's Charizard Led Me to Judo • Judo medal hopeful: charizard card 'was my lif… http://t.co/ ...
  • Tue, 21:18: These Gel Bananas (Name Subject to Change) are awesome. :D http://t.co/stnl8wD3 Looking forward to seeing the Steins Gate dub!
  • Wed, 02:19: All my plans for tonight ruined because mom decided to take my dog to play fetch on a tennis court and the hard surface scraped his paws. D:
  • Wed, 02:20: So we spent the whole evening at the vet. But at least the bleeding has stopped and it's not too serious, he just needs to take it easy.
  • Wed, 02:21: ...Which won't be easy because he's incredibly energetic and wants to play CONSTANTLY. D: And he's gonna be stuck in the house all week...
  • Wed, 02:22: Oh yeah, btw, I got a dog a few weeks ago. I keep forgetting to post about it. :D;
  • Wed, 02:25: He just never knows when to quit when he's playing. Even if he's exhausted and can barely breathe or has blood running down his legs...
  • Wed, 02:27: And he never whines or complains about anything. ANYTHING. o.o
  • Wed, 02:33: The first day we got him, he gave himself a bloody nose by diving under furniture after his ball. And he didn't even care.