July 23rd, 2012

Ashita he

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  • Mon, 02:37: Saw The Dark Knight Rises today. Loved the ending. :)
  • Mon, 02:38: I didn't expect it to make me smile, but it did!
  • Mon, 03:02: I kinda wish they had explained what happened to the Joker though...
  • Mon, 03:04: I mean, I know they couldn't have him show up again, for obvious reasons. But they could've mentioned that he escaped or died in prison...
  • Mon, 03:07: Seeing Dr. Crane show up again was pretty neat, but also made the absence of Joker even more noticeable. :(
  • Mon, 03:09: Cuz I just imagine if Heath Ledger was still alive, he'd also be frolicking around in all that mayhem.