June 10th, 2012

Ashita he

My tweets

  • Sun, 02:24: Fate/Zero episode 23: SO MANY TEARS. ;_______;
  • Sun, 02:53: I just read someone make an interesting comparison between Amon and Zuko...
  • Sun, 02:54: And come to think of it, the latest episode kinda reminds me of The Blue Spirit.
  • Sun, 02:55: We have the antagonist saving the protagonist in order to capture him/her for himself.
  • Sun, 03:01: Oops, probably should have warned for spoilers in that last tweet! SORRY.
  • Sun, 03:04: Legend of Korra moves too quickly for me to be able to take the romance seriously.
  • Sun, 03:06: I started out not giving a damn, began liking Mako/Korra in episode 3...
  • Sun, 03:06: ...then quickly went right back to not caring again once the love quadrangle sprang up.
  • Sun, 03:07: And now I mostly just feel bad for Asami. :(