April 30th, 2012

Ashita he

My tweets

  • Mon, 04:15: I finally saw The Cabin in the Woods today, and it was awesome. XD The whole movie had me either cringing, cowering, or laughing my ass off.
  • Mon, 04:15: The ending was pretty much brilliant. Even hours after seeing it, I still kept recalling certain lines or scenes and giggling.
  • Mon, 04:16: I’m not even a big fan of horror movies, but…I kinda…want to see it again. Just to catch all the details. XD
  • Mon, 04:17: Also, I was asked for my ID when buying the tickets (because it’s rated R). I suppose I’m flattered?
  • Mon, 04:17: Or maybe more relieved…considering people kept asking if my mom and I were sisters when we were in the hospital. .__.
  • Mon, 04:18: Also, I told my mom we’re watching the Avengers movie next weekend. She just sighed and said “I guess I can watch it for Captain America.”