January 18th, 2012

Ashita he

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  • Wed, 02:24: So I asked for a PSP for Christmas, and now that I'm working & finally have money to buy games, I bought the Super Robot Wars Z II game...
  • Wed, 02:24: You know, the one with Gurren Lagann. It should be arriving any day now. *__* FUCK YEAH.
  • Wed, 02:24: And now I see that the second half has been announced: http://t.co/eOgo8855
  • Wed, 02:25: FUCK YEAH LAGANN-HEN. Here's hoping that some Tengen Toppa Gunmen are available to play (especially crossing fingers for Solvernia).
  • Wed, 02:25: I'm also rather thrilled that the second Macross Frontier movie is in there too, because I loved that movie~