January 1st, 2012


Happy New Year!

I don't often get my picture taken, let alone of myself dressed up, but I asked mom for a yukata for Christmas and decided to try it on today (though yukata are meant to be worn in the summer).

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I really like it. :D I've always identified with rabbits & cherry blossoms (because I was born in the Year of the Rabbit and my middle name is Sakura) so I love the design. And I've hardly ever worn traditional Japanese clothing since I was a little kid, so I'm glad to have at least one piece in my possession now.

Now I just need to find opportunities to wear it. Last year, I attended three Japanese cultural events in my area. I volunteered for the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC, and though I had to work, it was a lot of fun. In July, I also went to an Obon Festival held at a nearby Buddhist temple, and though that one was kinda boring because there wasn't much to do and I went by myself, I'd like to try the dancing if I go next time. Then in October, I went to an Otsukimi event in DC, and that was a lot of fun too, not to mention I got to eat a lot of dango.

So I guess my New Years Resolution for this year is to find and attend more events like that. Not just so I can wear my yukata, but so I can meet more people and do more stuff outside. I managed to fulfill last year's resolution (getting a job), so hopefully I can do this year's too. And for my first step in that direction, I just joined the Japan-America Society of DC's mailing list~

Anyway, Happy New Year everybody~!

More social networking woes

So for the past month, my life has been almost entirely taken up by work, preparing for holidays, and RPing on onlygurrens (a Gurren Lagann dressing room type crack RPG). This is why I've barely been writing, watching anything, or posting on LJ/Twitter.

I have, however, been posting on Tumblr. Just RP-related stuff, but that's where I've been most active when not posting in-character. I'm not very fond of Tumblr personally, but all my RP friends are situated there, so I kinda have no choice but to use it if I want to socialize with them. But that's at the expense of interacting with the friends I have on LJ & Twitter, and I feel terrible about that. :(

I still consider Livejournal my "home" on the internet, so to speak, though I've given up on staying current with my flist since half a year ago (I'm SO sorry, but every time I leave for a couple days or so, I always come back to an enormous backlog and eventually it just became impossible to keep up with). For a while I was most active on Twitter, but now that I'm so busy, I've become unable to keep up with that too, especially since I follow many Japanese people and Japanese always takes me longer to read than English. I'm probably going to have to unfollow a lot of people soon if I have any hope in continuing on that site...

Honestly, I don't WANT to keep hopping over to new social network sites. I'd have been happy if we all just stayed on Livejournal forever, but following fandom and friends has taken me elsewhere. If Tumblr is where I'm going to be for the time being, I hope they at least come up with a way to crosspost to Twitter and Livejournal soon, because it's a pain having to do it myself.