November 16th, 2011


On adult vs teenage protagonists in anime

So I read up a little on Fate/Stay Night, and was disappointed (though not at all surprised) to find out that the main characters are in high school. Because what allows me to take Fate/Zero seriously is that the cast is made up of adults. (Waver is the one exception, but he is clearly in over his head, though at the same time clearly clever, ambitious, talented, and sneaky enough to have made it this far on his own, which all just makes me want to root for him further.) So going from that to a mostly teenage cast feels like a let down to me.

Now that's partly because I want more varied settings, partly because I was never fond of high school even when I attended one, partly because it's just more realistic for there to be more adults with that premise, but mostly because, in general, I just prefer watching/reading about adult characters these days. It's something I already realized when I took that Young Adult Literature class back in college. I'm tired of reading about teenagers. I'm past that point in my life, and now I'm more interested in people my own age.

That's probably a very obvious thing to say (and ironic considering that the story I'm writing right now has teenage protagonists), but it's true. That's what made Tiger & Bunny so refreshing to me. It was also refreshing when I rewatched Darker than BLACK recently. It was even true in Steins;Gate, though the characters there could hardly be called "mature."

I mean, obviously I still read/watch and enjoy series that have child and teenage protagonists. I'm not saying that I'm completely sick of those (I'd be missing out on a lot of great shows if I was). But these days, when I hear that yet another story takes place in high school, I'm more likely to go "ugh" and not give it a chance. :/