November 15th, 2011

Ashita he

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  • Пн, 18:25: RT @FirstWorldLife: I can't remember the third federal agency I would cut funding for. #FirstWorldProblems
  • Пн, 18:28: RT @Duune99: The Hunger Games Official Trailer 1 || HD via @youtube
  • Пн, 18:29: OMG. THAT HUNGER GAMES TRAILER. It's almost exactly like I imagined it. O_O
  • Пн, 21:02: I've been hit by two job scams just today. >:/ God, what is WRONG with these people?!
  • Вт, 05:28: Sometimes I get the urge to write slash, but it'd all be relatively unpopular pairings like Kamina/Kittan, Viral/Rossiu, or Simon/Leeron.
  • Вт, 05:29: Simon/Leeron mostly just because of that parallel universe where they're shown kissing, and I'm curious how the hell that happened. >_>;
  • Вт, 05:41: Like maybe in that world Simon was born gay and he grows up very confused & in the closet because no one else in his village is gay.
  • Вт, 05:42: Then he meets Leeron and realizes that not only is he not alone, but it's okay to be open about his sexuality.
  • Вт, 05:44: Which inspires him to come out to Kamina. And Kamina is a bit weirded out at first but then doesn't care and supports his little bro.
  • Вт, 05:45: So Leeron has a crush on Simon and Simon looks up to & feels grateful to Leeron. Which starts to grow into a mutual crush in the 2nd arc...
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