November 7th, 2011

Ashita he

Мои твиты

  • Пн, 03:16: Just finished rewatching Darker than BLACK. Man, I think I loved it even more than when I first watched it. ;___;
  • Пн, 03:17: Especially the final episodes. I think I was too obsessed with Gurren Lagann by the time they aired to fully appreciate them back then...
  • Пн, 03:19: From like episode 20 on, nearly every episode put me in tears or had me going "THIS SHOW IS /SO GOOD/!" ;___;
  • Пн, 03:20: I think I teared up over Huang more this time than I did over November 11. I love Huang. ;___; And all the characters, really.
  • Пн, 03:20: So yeah, despite all its flaws, I'm really glad I finally bought this series after all. FUNimation did a really great job with it too.
  • Пн, 03:25: Oh, and I remember not being impressed with the ending when it aired, but I really liked it this time.
  • Пн, 03:25: It was emotional, tied up character arcs, and IT MADE SENSE. Unlike that incomprehensible clusterfuck that was the Season 2 ending.
  • Пн, 03:30: I'm also revisiting the FST I made for the series four years ago and I really like it too, ahaha. XD;
  • Пн, 05:32: It's midnight and I just ate instant ramen and chocolate. I bet I'm going to have some weird dreams tonight. ^^;