September 1st, 2011

Ashita he

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  • Wed, 22:04: Again, too friggin tired to write anything for Writer's Group this week. -___-
  • Thu, 04:46: Man, now I can't watch Royal Pains without nitpicking details. THAT'S NOT HOW YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO REMOVE GLOVES.
  • Thu, 06:52: Man, I don't think there are any anime I'm interested in seeing from the upcoming Fall season. :/
  • Thu, 07:01: At least I'll still have Nurarihyon, Penguindrum and Idolm@ster...
  • Thu, 07:13: Now whenever I read anime synopses, if I see the words "high school," "mysterious girl," or "dating game," my eyes pretty much glaze over.