August 27th, 2011


Switch Eyes Book 1: Chapter 1

So here is the first chapter of a new original story I've been working on, tentatively called Switch Eyes. It's gonna be a Young Adult fantasy/adventure series, probably a trilogy, though of course right now I'd just like to finish the first book.

To summarize it...well, it features a magical race of people called faie (based on fairies, but I've taken many liberties), and the story is about the conflict that arises when they clash with humans due to a mysterious blight. Quite vague, I know, but I don't want to spoil the chapter. ^^;

Chapter 2 will be posted on September 9. It's actually already finished, but I'd like to stay at least one chapter ahead of schedule so I'll have plenty of time to edit and write future chapters. Ideally, I'll be posting a new chapter every other week.

Any comments/critiques would be appreciated!! >.<

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