July 25th, 2011

Ashita he

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  • Mon, 06:05: After watching Sennen Makyo episode 4.... http://j.mp/qt8wGj
  • Mon, 06:31: I haven't been able to stop watching this since yesterday. *_______* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXriwMQBNSQ
  • Mon, 06:33: Not gonna lie, I totally have a girlcrush on Korra already.
  • Mon, 06:34: Also...I admit, when I first saw that Aang statue and the new city, I was immediately reminded of the Kamina statue and Kamina City. XD;
  • Mon, 18:20: Why is Livejournal down? :(
  • Mon, 18:25: Watching new True Blood...uhh Sookie, when you say Eric isn't evil...you weren't there when he was tearing people apart in his dungeon. XD
  • Mon, 18:29: I don't mind the woobified Eric much so far, but if it continues past this season, I'm really gonna be missing the old Eric.
  • Mon, 18:30: I guess this is the only way to realistically get the Sookie/Eric pairing to happen though. Considering she was sick and tired of vampires.
  • Mon, 18:33: "I can put up with a lot, but when you fuck with my face, it's time to die." Oh Pam I love you.
  • Mon, 18:40: Oh Tara, you shouldn't have lied to your girlfriend. :(
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