July 11th, 2011

Ashita he

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  • Sun, 23:22: Just watched Megamind finally. Wow, I really loved it. XD
  • Sun, 23:24: They did a superb job making the super villain/protagonist utterly adorable, ahaha.
  • Mon, 01:41: More thoughts on Summer Anime http://j.mp/oFpbUo
  • Mon, 07:33: Watching new True Blood...amnesiac!Eric is both scary and adorable at the same time, what is this.
  • Mon, 07:47: Bill & Jessica's relationship is so cute... :D
  • Mon, 07:50: *Pam zooms in* Eric: "WHO THE FUCK IS SHE?!" *I burst out laughing*
  • Mon, 07:53: Oh god I love that Sookie demands to be paid for babysitting Eric... XD
  • Mon, 07:57: Jessica & Hoyt relationship trouble upsets me. D: And who the hell is cursing them?! (At least I think that's what the creepy doll means?)
  • Mon, 08:05: ALCIDE IS BACK!!! \o/
  • Mon, 08:08: WTF he's back with Debbie now.... D:
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