June 24th, 2011

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Summer Anime Season 2011

I'm planning a Real Life post for later, but for now, I will post about anime! Currently, I am rewatching Hikaru no Go with Kirsten (and there are chatlogs to prove it). I dunno if we'll actually be able to finish it within June (we just watched episode 46 last night), but after that I plan on rewatching Darker than BLACK. :O

Quick overview of Spring Anime Season 2011: The last episode of AnoHana made me cry so much. ;___; I wouldn't put it among my favorite anime, but it was a good series overall. Tiger & Bunny still isn't the best thing ever, but I'm very invested in the characters and find it entertaining enough that I'm sure I'll be watching the whole thing.

And as for the other anime I'll be watching this summer...

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