May 13th, 2011

Ashita he

From Twitter 05-12-2011

  • 17:53:22: AnoHana episode 5: EAT THE TEMPURA, MENMA. EAT IT EAT IT EAT IT....bawwwww. ;___;
  • 17:54:41: Anaru needs to dump her two friends, seriously. Who needs them.
  • 18:03:27: Poppo appears to be the only one without a case of childhood unrequited love. But he's so awesome. :(
  • 22:32:28: I'm becoming concerned about's getting depressing again. I was glad when Ray came onto the show, because Grissom's story...
  • 22:33:37: ...had become so depressing that it was dragging everything down. I like Ray. He was a fresh-faced and interesting character. But now...
  • 22:35:13: This whole Nate Haskell thing. I know it's been building since Ray's first appearance. But now it's gone into seriously dark territory.
  • 22:37:14: Because no matter what, Ray is a murderer now. It's only a matter of whether he gets away with it or not. And frankly, I think I would...
  • 22:38:11: ...respect him more if he just admits to it and goes to jail. Which is a depressing thought. This whole situation is depressing.
  • 22:39:46: It might be weird to say, since this show constantly deals with murders and dark shit, but I watch CSI for fun. And this isn't fun. :(
  • 22:42:44: I want my crime-fighting forensic team to be solving episodic mysteries, not dealing with personal traumas and going to the dark side.
  • 22:50:44: RT @TheDailyShow: Tonight: @NewtGingrich announces his presidential run via Twitter. He must think he’s some sort of L33t Haxor. Noob!

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