March 19th, 2011

Ashita he

From Twitter 03-18-2011

  • 03:30:08: Starting episode 14, in which it is revealed that Mytho has a bad case of TAINTED LOVE.
  • 03:34:16: I like how Ahiru's gone from dreaming and worrying about Mytho to dreaming and worrying about Fakir now. :P
  • 03:36:25: "Princess Tutu! ...Is flying over there. Or is it a crocodile? Which do you think it is, Mytho?" LOL FAKIR
  • 03:38:36: I really wish we could have seen more of self-aware princely Mytho. I like how he is in this episode before he goes crazy. :|
  • 03:41:41: PFFFFT @ Ahiru using Fakir's nonsense about flying cows and crocodiles as her excuse for being late. XD
  • 03:54:46: No one ever seems shy about Mytho not wearing any pants...
  • 04:05:43: Oh hay Autor.
  • 04:43:26: Though he lied to her, I find it touching how Fakir has become protective of Ahiru's feelings. :(
  • 04:52:39: Femio...... XD
  • 22:35:35: *watching episode 18* Man, this useless knight role really does suck. Even if you survive, it's "lol you're so useless you can't even die"
  • 22:36:09: Poor Fakir. :(
  • 22:39:36: And then there's Rue, who's constantly being told that "no one can love you except the guy who loves everyone anyway." Poor Rue. :(
  • 22:45:21: Ahaha oh god Mytho/Rue is just all kinds of abusive. XD; "Yeah, because you're so USELESS. Don't be mad! I'm just telling the truth!"
  • 22:58:02: Bawwwww Fakir crying. ;___;
  • 23:04:12: LMAO nice timing with the time-stopping, Drosselmyer. XD
  • 23:13:02: Poor Mytho. He's really fighting this. :(
  • 23:16:49: ...LOL, Rue shouting "SHUT UP!" at the crows. XD;;
  • 23:42:23: Mytho dancing to Night on Bald Mountain will never not be hilarious. XD

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