March 17th, 2011

Ashita he

From Twitter 03-16-2011

  • 02:18:53: Picking up with episode 5 of Princess Tutuuuu.
  • 02:49:02: I wonder what happened to that lamp after the end of the show. I hope Ahiru was able to get Fakir to bring it back to his house. T_T
  • 02:57:46: I love the gem that's called "the author's convenience." XD
  • 03:01:38: Paulo is such a sweet husband. ;__;
  • 03:04:23: I think I've figured out why Rue suggested Mytho dance with Ahiru. She was trying to find out if his smile was exclusive to her. :O
  • 03:05:33: Electric eel troupe leader approves of Fakir/Ahiru!
  • 03:16:41: Sinister-looking Princess Tutu cracks me up. Imagine a slasher flick where the crazy serial killer is a ballerina wielding a heart shard.
  • 03:27:18: Seeing Fakir being such a jerkface in these early episodes, I can't figure out if he would be a good or bad parent.
  • 03:29:42: Maybe while it's a baby, he'll be really kind and affectionate...
  • 03:29:54: ...but once the kid reaches the teenage years, I can't help imagining him constantly going YOU'RE GROUNDED. >:O
  • 03:34:13: I love the idea of the protagonist calling it quits and the author scrambling around going "WAIT WAIT BUT" XD
  • 03:35:22: That does happen sometimes when writing though. You have to figure out a way to keep the characters going so the story can move forward.
  • 04:01:17: Tokyo Anime Fair got cancelled. Not surprising. To think though, that I was able to attend last year & the economy was the only problem...
  • 04:02:13: Earlier today I was saying "Man, things sure can change in one year." And mom said "Things can change in a /moment/." And she's right.
  • 22:48:43: RT @tourguidejp: Edano finally slept after working for 105 hours! Thank him for his hard work. Someone says that Edano is JP Jack Bauer. ...

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