February 18th, 2011

Ashita he

From Twitter 02-17-2011

  • 03:45:21: Episode 8 is a real change of pace from the rest of the show, but still awesome. I love Nimya's story. :)
  • 03:45:58: I mean, it's nice to have an inspiring story for once.
  • 03:48:44: Oh god, the Land of Books. This episode is such a mindfuck.
  • 04:00:24: I find it so ironic that this is the only episode that isn't a direct adaptation of the original novels.
  • 04:00:39: I love when it goes all meta though. "What if you're just a character in a book?"
  • 04:05:08: "Am I still in the world of the book?" IS THIS THE REAL LIFE? IS THIS JUST FANTASY?
  • 04:11:11: ...This episode is just really making me want to watch Princess Tutu now.
  • 04:13:02: "Normal people don't become authors to begin with, Hermes." lol
  • 04:18:00: And critics are "crazy people who ruin other people's pleasure." XD
  • 04:36:00: Watching episode 10 now. I still laugh when Kino says she wants to stay for dinner and Hermes goes "Kino...." XD
  • 04:49:31: Only three episodes left. D:
  • 06:11:08: THIS IS AMAAAAZING. http://www.journalfen.net/community/fandom_wank/1269755.html

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