December 25th, 2010

Ashita he

From Twitter 12-24-2010

  • 15:51:26: RT @liborek3: New season announced! #PaSwG
  • 15:51:34: Omg what Panty & Stocking is getting a second season???
  • 15:53:34: Oddly enough my first thought is 'Can they even come up with enough material for another season?'
  • 15:57:25: I dunno, I guess I just think it worked fine as one season. But then I haven't watched the last episode yet, so.
  • 16:04:42: Second thought is 'Are they even going to be able to make a second season with that Youth Ordinance Bill in action?'
  • 16:53:23: Panty & Stocking Episode 13: AHAHAHAHAHA WHAT WAS THAT.
  • 16:56:43: *giggling* A simply INSANE final battle and then BEST ENDING EVER if only for the fact that it leaves everyone slack-jawed. Oh man. XD
  • 17:01:05: Actually I hope that the "in next season" thing is just a joke because then it would truly be the best ending ever. XDD
  • 17:18:33: Ahaha there are people actually upset? I was laughing my ass off the whole time. When does P&S ever take anything completely seriously?
  • 22:35:03: This Christmas Eve, mom and I went to watch Deathly Hallows Part 1 (because she hadn't seen it yet). Gloomiest Christmas movie ever y/y?
  • 22:35:32: And yet the theater for it was still packed.

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