December 23rd, 2010

Ashita he

From Twitter 12-22-2010

  • 16:17:45: RT @CNN: President #Obama signs repeal of military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy.
  • 16:17:48: RT @BarackObama: We are a nation that welcomes the service of every patriot and believes all are created equal. Those are the ideals we ...
  • 19:03:00: ...Now I'm thinking of moving the last scene of Chapter 12 Part 2 to earlier in the chapter. D: UGH IDK WHAT I'M DOING WITH THIS.
  • 19:30:24: Mostly it's because I think I've used this type of cliffhanger enough times already, and it would make sense for the characters to...
  • 19:31:45: ...discuss this earlier on, but then the events in Part 3 wouldn't be a surprise anymore & I'd have to rewrite bits of Part 2 and ARGH.

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