December 16th, 2010

Ashita he

From Twitter 12-15-2010

  • 19:41:14: So I've gotten over one hurdle, but I'm STILL having trouble with this last scene in Chapter 12 Part 2. I'm thinking maybe I should just...
  • 19:42:24: ...chop that part off and move it to the beginning of Chapter 12 Part 3, but then Chapter 12 Part 2 would feel like it's not going anywhere.
  • 19:46:25: Because the main point of that scene is to add a cliffhanger so that the reader will know this arc is GOING somewhere...
  • 19:47:20: And now I'm doubting myself, wondering whether I just failed in planning out this chapter. *sigh*
  • 19:48:24: Remember when I said this chapter was the most fun to work on, that it might be my favorite? Yeah, those were the times.
  • 19:55:18: Chapter 12 overall is turning out to be more like Chapter 11 than I would have liked or expected.
  • 19:58:27: Part 1: New arc! Foreshadowing, fun times. Part 2: Rambling navel-gazing, follows the characters over a week. Part 3: Dramatic conclusion!
  • 19:59:39: I swear, this will be the last three-part chapter in the story. -___-;

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