December 15th, 2010

Ashita he

From Twitter 12-14-2010

  • 11:12:02: Hell yeah, just won a Xiao Mei plushie. :D
  • 11:21:46: Somehow I've never wanted a Boota plushie...I guess because none of the ones out there really satisfy me.
  • 11:22:51: I mean, this one looks great, but it's tiny. And the others are kinda ugly.
  • 11:28:18: But I've been wanting a Xiao Mei plushie for years, so...
  • 11:36:05: I'd like a Charmander doll to go with my Mudkip & Chikorita, but uh...quick look around Ebay & Yahoo Auctions, and none of them satisfy me.
  • 11:37:00: And that's all for tweeting about how picky I am over plush dolls today.
  • 13:28:49: Aww, no Yoshinari-san. :( ( #GAINAX live at
  • 15:32:22: I can't imagine Garlock using a gun. I just can't.
  • 15:33:56: I think the only time we saw Simon use a gun in canon was when he was shooting down those Mugann fragments in Gurren-Lagann...
  • 15:36:35: Oh, and when he shot off Viral's handcuffs.
  • 15:44:40: But yeah...can't imagine it. Simon's weapon is a drill or his fists. Garlock can also use a sword. But guns are Yoko's specialty.
  • 15:45:03: So, even though it would make complete sense for him to use one in this scene, I will choose not to let him have one. :P
  • 19:00:08: RT @CollegeHumor: Rudolph the regular reindeer had a nose and if you ever saw it, you would say nothing

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