November 25th, 2010

Ashita he

From Twitter 11-24-2010

  • 00:13:31: Okay, so I've completely given up on reading one chapter a day. I'm now on Chapter 5 of The Hunger Games.
  • 02:11:03: ...This book is addicting.
  • 02:23:32: I keep finding glaring typos in this pdf I'm reading. Surely this isn't how it is in the actual book? I mean, mistaking "cat" for "eat"?
  • 02:24:31: Btw, I'm only reading a pdf because every single copy at the library was checked out. :/
  • 03:08:38: Chapter 9: OMG. Peeta/Katniss. I SHIP IT.
  • 04:40:28: *gets back to writing* Hopefully I won't start to slip into first person present tense because of this book... :/
  • 14:23:00: I can't stop reading The Hunger Games fgsgkghd. I'm on Chapter 20 already. D:
  • 20:49:05: Hell yeah, I work on Black Friday.
  • 20:49:30: Also, we don't have annnything planned for Thanksgiving, lol.

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