November 24th, 2010

Ashita he

From Twitter 11-23-2010

  • 02:07:54: I've started reading The Hunger Games, and...nothing like reading about hungry people to make oneself hungry too. *eats bread and cheese*
  • 02:15:05: Finished Chapter 1. Well this sure reminds me of Battle Royale, like a lot. Also, oh shit.
  • 02:23:47: Ahaha, glad to see Mark is immediately reminded of Battle Royale in his review too.
  • 02:37:48: I'm tempted to read ahead to Chapter 2, but...hmm...maybe I'll just start rereading Battle Royale instead.
  • 03:13:54: RT @late_xxx: RT @dere_suke: かっけぇww RT @47yue: ちょw RT @raim2005: RT @r0ku1ch1: ポケセン入り口にレッドさんが
  • 13:24:50: lol bananas (#GAINAX live at
  • 13:29:16: I think I want that Honekoneko hoodie... (#GAINAX live at
  • 20:32:38: I thought I was done with this scene, but then I had another idea and now I'm rewriting parts of it again. -___-;

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