November 20th, 2010

Ashita he

From Twitter 11-19-2010

  • 15:24:23: Pansuto Episode 8 Part 1: I was pretty much going "ugh" the whole time until the end. EVERYONE'S A ZOMBIE END? Haha, okay, that works. :P
  • 15:26:56: Dear Ebay: 10% discounts don't entice me to buy anything. I'd need at least 30%.
  • 15:35:17: Ahaha, the monkey thinking Panty's hair is made of bananas...
  • 15:38:02: Omg, wait, are the ghosts in this episode.....REN AND STIMPY? XDDD
  • 15:40:57: Eh, overall a pretty boring episode.
  • 18:41:44: Oh my god are you SERIOUS. *facepalming forever*
  • 18:42:35: So I guess that movie is out on DVD now. Still don't want to watch it.

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