November 1st, 2010

Ashita he

From Twitter 10-31-2010

  • 11:52:05: ...Why can't I find my glasses?
  • 11:55:57: Found them in my bedcovers. o.o????
  • 14:13:03: I think I might be catching a cold. x_x Or maybe I'm just too exhausted from yesterday.
  • 20:06:41: Great. Hardly any kids are coming to our house because all of the neighbors' houses are dark, and we still have a full bowl of candy. :/
  • 20:18:40: The Alphonse jack-o-lantern in action.
  • 21:28:18: MirrorMask was an interesting movie to watch on Halloween...
  • 21:44:12: Ahaha, apparently the Rally for Sanity/Fear gathered twice as many people as Glenn Beck's rally did.
  • 21:44:52: I'm not surprised; it was seriously like July 4th there.

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