September 24th, 2010

Ashita he

From Twitter 09-23-2010

  • 11:27:45: I want this... D: グレンオンリー | hoi #pixivtweet
  • 13:46:30: Pokemon Best Wishes Episodes 1-2: So far, so good. I like Iris! And Mijumaru is totally a stalker but I LOVE IT OMGGG.
  • 13:47:07: Also, Team Rocket is competent and Satoshi isn't WHAT'S GOING ON.
  • 15:47:19: Yesssssssss the SOW doujinshi finally arrived! *__*
  • 15:49:03: Ahhhhhhh so pretty!
  • 16:07:25: AHHHHHHHHHHHH the image board for when young Nia gives Simon the red stone...!!! I am so rewriting my fic to include this scene. *___*
  • 16:10:51: Omg Simon is so angsty in these image boards. (Hayashi-san, I wish your handwriting wasn't so messy. *tries to make out dialogue*)
  • 16:16:56: Oh yay Hayashi's illustration from Rakugaki Core Drill 3 and her Talk Live Animated poster~~
  • 16:17:19: Okay I know the title for my fic series now ahaha.
  • 16:41:32: Omg so she was planning on drawing a manga for this but ran out of time. But she might release something again someday?
  • 17:00:26: Okay, the FMA Brotherhood staff doujinshi was pretty worth it too. :D They totally ship Al/Mei ahaha.
  • 21:28:25: *double take* Is that the actress who plays Crystal in True Blood in tonight's episode of CSI?
  • 21:56:44: Ahaha so it's looking like Justin Bieber is going to be a mad bomber in this season's CSI. I AM NOT KIDDING.
  • 22:02:04: *sees trending topics* Apparently I'm one of the few watching CSI just because I like CSI, not because of Justin Bieber.
  • 22:03:07: I didn't even know he would be on the show, but Ray *cringe* got stabbed in the kidney last season and I had to watch. D:

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Re: Medium Season Premiere

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And now CSI: NY is on. I never did catch up on the episodes I missed while I was in Japan (though I did catch up on CSI), and skipped watching the rest of the episodes last season, so I have no idea what's going on anymore. Oh well, as long as the individual cases are still good. Why did they move it to Friday nights, anyway? Did it do poorly in ratings last season?

...And again, I realize that I'm watching more American live action shows than anime these days. >.>;

EDIT: Wait wait where did Stella go? Is this new FBI lady replacing her? :(