September 6th, 2010

Ashita he

From Twitter 09-05-2010

  • 01:10:54: Paranoia Agent Episode 10: In which the staff members of an anime production are introduced before they are all promptly killed off.
  • 01:13:21: Also, were those three from episode 8 actually dead the whole time? Mom mentioned the possibility and now I can't unsee.
  • 01:22:17: Paranoia Agent is so mind-screwy that ghostly shenanigans and wild gossip look more normal than other characters' everyday lives.
  • 03:16:07: Am watching Shin Getter Robo VS Neo Getter Robo...some of these guys are so same-facey that I can't tell them apart.
  • 03:16:45: The JAM Project OP is really catchy though. GETTER!!!
  • 04:20:50: Well, that was pretty cool. Will now play this song on loop:
  • 04:29:00: Now I'm wondering if I should check out New Getter Robo...

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