September 3rd, 2010

Ashita he

From Twitter 09-02-2010

  • 14:47:28: *stares at Star Driver PV* ...L-LOL what is this??
  • 14:50:32: "Ginga bishounen"...seriously, wtf? XD It's like Ouran crossed with mecha crossed with...I don't even know.
  • 14:58:39: And Sailor Moon! It reminds me of Sailor Moon.
  • 18:31:24: Uh? Why are people comparing Star Driver to Gurren Lagann already? *doesn't get it*
  • 18:34:42: The only similarities I see so far are robots, over-the-top ridiculousness and flashy rainbow colors. None of which is unique to GL anyway.
  • 18:55:08: General consensus on 4chan seems to be "This is so FABULOUS....I want to watch it." *amused*

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