August 23rd, 2010

Ashita he

From Twitter 08-22-2010

  • 02:22:09: Takeda-san~~ (#GAINAX live at )
  • 02:42:09: Am watching Naoki Urasawa in a live duet....AWESOME.
  • 14:51:13: So mom and I went to Shenandoah National Park yesterday, and in the car we listened to CDs of anime songs I burned 3-4 years ago.
  • 14:53:28: And that got me SO nostalgic for anime from 2006-2007. Compared to now, it feels like an anime golden age.
  • 14:56:56: I wouldn't say everything I watched back then was great (I didn't even finish some of them), but there was a lot of variety.
  • 20:04:44: Ugh, I should've checked before I approved that person for membership on the GL comm. She just posted a hate meme. :/
  • 20:06:53: Though it's not like there's anything against the rules for that, but...ugh.
  • 20:33:04: All these commercials that are like "doing something like cooking pasta or cutting vegetables is SO HARD you must buy this thing!" annoy me.
  • 20:33:36: Because in the demonstrations they do everything bad on purpose. IT'S NOT THAT HARD. YOU'RE JUST INCOMPETENT.
  • 21:05:38: A mod at the Darker than BLACK comm deleted the hate/love memes. Should I do this for gurren_lagann yes/no?

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