July 23rd, 2010


AMV rec

I've become really fond of this AMV since I found it. It does a lot of what I like to see: it has tight editing, the visuals match the lyrics and music perfectly, and it tells a story. It also uses the new footage from Lagann-hen really effectively, by simply using enough to fit the video, and not just for the sake of including it. Oh, and it's by the same guy who made the "Be A Man" Gurren Lagann AMV. Yeah. Unfortunately, it looks like he hasn't made it available for download or put it up anywhere online yet, so this is the only way we can see it for now. Even so, it still gets my heart pumping!
Ashita he

From Twitter 07-22-2010

  • 00:03:53: Depending on when the GL cosplay meetup is, I might go to that too. Not to cosplay. Just...to hang out with other fans and take pictures.
  • 03:51:25: Having fully written about half of Chapter 12, so far it's at 5341 words. ...Oh boy. #sophd
  • 03:52:37: Including all the scraps of writing that still need to be fleshed out and tied together, it's 7870 words.
  • 03:57:07: Actually, that's not including the scene I wrote out in my notebook and haven't put in the word document yet, so technically there's more.
  • 14:54:19: After dreaming of alien invasions and zombie apocalypses, today I had a series of dreams that I thought were truly terrifying: being...
  • 14:55:44: ...bullied and harrassed by my peers to the point I was going hysterical and no one believing me. Hello, childhood issues! D:
  • 14:58:38: At one point I was also being harassed by little children, but I swear they must have been devil children or something. PURE EVIL.
  • 14:59:46: And the believability issue was even worse then, with their parents going "You're accusing my little angels of /that/?! How DARE you!!!"
  • 23:29:23: RT @sheanam: RTing other folks, Comic-Con VS. Westboro Baptist Church. God bless, nerds, God bless. http://tinyurl.com/27kx2e5

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