June 26th, 2010


Going to Santa Fe~~

So mom just decided we're going to New Mexico over the July 4 weekend. Well, more specifically Santa Fe (where we lived for about 4 years when I was a kid), but the plane lands in Albuquerque.

Wow, we haven't gone back in years. I think the last time was in 2003? We've lost touch with most of our friends from there though. :( I wonder how everyone's doing...

It was such a beautiful and interesting place to live. I can't wait to compare my childhood memories to what the city is like now, visit all the places I remember, and maybe discover new ones. Though I think I'd like to visit during the fall someday too, just so I can experience the burning of Zozobra again.

Of course, this means I'll miss watching the last episode of FMA Brotherhood live, but oh well. ^^; Aside from the heat, I think it'll be worth it.
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