June 21st, 2010

Ashita he

From Twitter 06-20-2010

  • 01:35:54: *listening to GL radio* So they're planning to air Pansuto on TV after all...but they're in constant battle with the censors. XD;
  • 04:18:11: FMA Episode 62: WHOA they're adding some original action scenes in here!!!
  • 04:23:22: HOLY CRAP ANIMATION.
  • 04:26:09: Overall: PURE AWESOME. They ended up adapting all of Chapter 107 after all!
  • 04:30:31: Though the manga panels were more effective IMO. It was kinda obvious that they were only using storyboards as a source for this episode.
  • 13:18:37: I dreamed I had a talking pet rooster named Gusty. What.

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