June 7th, 2010

Ashita he

From Twitter 06-06-2010

  • 01:09:20: I have yet another fic idea based on SOW...well, once I finish translating this, there's nothing holding me back from writing it anymore.
  • 02:56:56: I need to stop daydreaming/planning fic in my head and finish this already. :|
  • 04:12:38: Oh god that Shounen GanGan commercial. ;_______;
  • 04:25:08: Ohhh man, this episode was even more horrifying and WHAT THE SHIT in animation. O_____O
  • 04:56:45: Great, now I have too much Fullmetal Alchemist on the brain to finish the translation. >_< I'll do it tomorrow, I swear!
  • 05:21:09: Takeda-san advertising PW2 on the radio show: "If this sells, we might make a 3." YOU BETTER NOT JUST BE SAYING THAT. ;___;
  • 05:31:55: Well, it feels like a miracle that they made a 2 in the first place, so I am very grateful for that at least.
  • 05:44:56: The GL radio show is ending in July...only four episodes left. Can't say I'm surprised, but... :(
  • 05:48:36: Man, Fullmetal Alchemist ending this month, and Gurren Lagann finally being brought to a close around the same time... *sigh*
  • 06:09:53: Bawwwwww final issue: http://i46.tinypic.com/znxa2h.jpg
  • 14:41:20: I saw a post in fm_alchemist with the word "RAW" and my heart skipped a beat. Turns out it was just the RAW for episode 60.
  • 18:04:38: Unrelated rambling: So, putting together all the official music about relationships in Gurren Lagann...
  • 18:05:34: Simon/Nia has: "Love Conservative," "Namida no Tane, Egao no Hana," and "Asu he" (though that one's arguable since it's AU).
  • 18:06:15: Kamina/Yoko has: "Lovely Boin" and "Trust"...
  • 18:07:34: Simon+Kamina has "Tsuzuku Sekai," "BREAK THROUGH THE DREAM," and "happily ever after"...
  • 18:09:06: Though "happily ever after" is arguably more of a general song and Simon & Kamina aren't really singing about each other in "Break Through"
  • 18:11:25: "Calling location" also counts for both Simon+Kamina and Simon/Nia....none of this leads to anything btw, it's just an observation.

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