May 31st, 2010

Ashita he

From Twitter 05-30-2010

  • 00:28:06: Bah, they still pronounce Havoc's first name like "Gene." :/
  • 00:39:51: The dad in this show wears an apron and acts like a mom. AWESOME.
  • 00:55:20: The kid manned up in the first episode already! :D ...But ugh, Vic is the main character again.
  • 00:57:02: He sounds exactly like his Ed. EXACTLY.
  • 03:15:35: Discussion post GO!
  • 03:30:00: It's going to be so embarrassing if I'm the only one commenting in there ahaha. >__>; Yes, I get nervous about this every time...
  • 04:28:27: Wow, you know, usually the manga CMs are for events way in the future, but this time, the scenes in the CM and episode are the EXACT SAME.
  • 04:29:16: It was like, wow, I only just heard Al say this a few minutes ago. The anime has finally caught up on the tankoubon releases. D:
  • 04:44:14: Okay, guess there was no need to worry about the discussion post having only chirping crickets. :D *happy*
  • 16:34:57: Eeeeee, all the activity in that discussion post makes me so happy~ :D

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"Miracle Idol Star" lyrics translation

Wow, I had a blast with this. :D I wasn't planning on translating this, but someone requested it and I finally got my hands on the lyrics and they made me LOL, so. I'm not used to translating something so cutesy, but I tried my best! (I didn't add the emoticons btw, they're actually in the original lyrics lmao.)

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