May 29th, 2010

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"Asu he" lyrics translation

I know I'll probably get the booklet next week and be able to see the lyrics then, but dammit, I'm impatient. I'll just fix this all later.

But for now, here's what I could make out of the lyrics at the end of the video...

FIXED! Though it turns out I was pretty on the mark the first time anyway. :D

Collapse )

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Now do you see why I say the lyrics make it even more effective?! ;____;
Ashita he

From Twitter 05-28-2010

  • 01:25:04: I should really get to adding tags on the GL comm again...I've been so lazy about that. >_<;
  • 02:09:13: I always get a little weirded out when someone comments on an old discussion post of mine. Like, if it was a fanwork, I could understand.
  • 02:10:27: But if almost a year has gone by, generally you'd assume that that discussion is over, right?
  • 02:59:28: Dammit, I started playing SOW intending to screencap it, but I ended up watching all of it completely absorbed and crying again. T_T
  • 03:27:03: I wonder, if Simon & Nia meet in SOW when Nia's young, and then once again when she's older, where was she the rest of the time?
  • 03:28:37: Or was it just that they didn't cross paths after that until Nia started singing? What exactly is Simon's role in that place?
  • 03:29:28: So many questions. I want to write something sappy for this, but it's hard when there's so many unknowns. x_x
  • 05:01:40: AHHHHHHHH I WAS RIGHT! \o/
  • 05:06:12: "Their world will continue a little more???" W-wait, what? WHAT ARE YOU HINTING NOW
  • 05:14:39: Ahaha I've already made 3 icons from SOW. >_> Should I make Simon my default...?
  • 12:32:08: AHHH KITTAN ZERO WAS AWESOME. I burst out laughing when they carved "FUCK" into the rock lol. FRIGGIN 8 MINUTES LONG WOW.
  • 12:47:22: Also I cheered when "Chougattai" was used. :D They were really taking more liberties with audio and BGM this time...
  • 15:19:20: Dude, there's been like...10 Simon/Nia top pages now. o_o
  • 19:30:53: LMAO:
  • 20:36:10: "Ashita he" and "Miracle Idol Star" have been taking turns being stuck in my head since yesterday.
  • 21:01:30: I have an idea for a short fic based on SOW now, but...hmm, I think I'll wait to read the booklet myself first. :/

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