May 28th, 2010

Ashita he

From Twitter 05-27-2010

  • 03:45:00: Oh dammit, I thought I got over it after I first got the feeling SOW would have a sad end, but now I'm looking at screencaps & crying. ;__;
  • 03:47:35: Sometimes I feel like a masochist for shipping Simon/Nia.....but then the rest of the time I feel really spoiled. ^^;
  • 03:58:35: Wait a sec, I thought the Simon illustration on Hayashi's website was the thing she was hinting at, but I just realized that in her blog...
  • 03:59:26:, she says there's one more thing she's putting the final touches on.
  • 03:59:53: Does this mean she's going to draw the next GAINAX top page after all...?
  • 04:29:43: I didn't realize "King Porter Stomp" was an actual existing jazz tune until I just googled it.
  • 04:30:18: So is this what they use for Goodbye Dai-Gurren or did they compose something entirely new?
  • 04:42:42: Come to think of it, who's composing? Iwasaki again? That would be the obvious conclusion, but I haven't seen him mentioned...
  • 04:43:28: Though I'm assuming someone at Aniplex was in charge of Kiyal's song...
  • 04:53:44: Oh wait, Nelson Stomp is another existing jazz tune by King Oliver. LOL Gurren Lagann has caused me to research jazz.
  • 15:32:43: IT'S UP IT'S UP AHHHHHH
  • 15:39:05: OMG The sense of Wonder is beautiful. ;__; *tears* That seriously didn't feel like 5 minutes, it just flew by...
  • 15:46:04: My xxx is best in the universe: What the...wait...WTF...WHY IS SIMON DYING OVER AND OVER...holy crap...okay that's kinda pretty....AWW!
  • 15:52:02: BIG BUILDING: LMAO I love the sound effects.
  • 15:57:59: Kiyal's Magical Time: FFFFFFF ADORABLE. And yeah, it reminds me of the K-ON OP.
  • 16:05:26: Sayonara Dai-Gurren: AWW. T__T
  • 16:11:47: Gunmen Symphonia: AWESOME. It's like a documentary. :D This had sound effects too...
  • 16:20:00: Oh dammit I cried even more watching SOW the second time.
  • 17:47:42: Damn, I can't wait to see all of the lyrics to "Ashita he." What I could make out in SOW makes the scenes even more emotional. ;__;

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I just got followed on Twitter by someone in Japanese GL fandom...who I have never interacted with before. I mean, I've watched her Twitter account before, but never talked to her. I think the only way she would find me is through Momen or Kinzou...

This is pretty cool. I feel honored. :D Though I have to wonder if she can read any of what I'm tweeting?

Though what's really odd is that I was followed a while back by a Japanese person who I don't know-- who, although she doesn't seem like a spambot, doesn't seem to be in fandom as far as I can tell? So how did she find me and why is she following me...? o__O;