May 25th, 2010

Ashita he

From Twitter 05-24-2010

  • 04:08:47: AHHHHHHHHHHHH
  • 04:10:03: SOW!Simon's smile is so cute it's killing me...
  • 04:10:48: I'm going to end up screencapping the shit out of that video, I just know it.
  • 04:15:16: Seriously, every time I see a pic of him smiling, I go HNNNNNG.
  • 16:13:53: My previous Lagann-hen Simon/Nia icon sucked, so I made a new one:
  • 16:14:47: Nothing special, but I'm happy with it~~
  • 17:39:23: Just planted sunflowers in the front yard! :D So now I've got crocuses for spring, sunflowers for summer...
  • 17:39:54: Maybe I should get some chrysanthemums for autumn too...
  • 21:51:45: Starting to get anxious about PW2. Basically one day until it's out in Japan. It's possible we may see it online by tomorrow night.
  • 22:27:04: Watching the last Law & Order episode. Am amused that they're using "Moot" as an online alias.
  • 23:27:28: OMG someone on 2ch already has their DVD. ...This is just like the wait for the Lagann-hen DVD, ahaha.

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