May 22nd, 2010

Ashita he

From Twitter 05-21-2010

  • 10:01:10: Ha, guess I was wrong about PW2 being on the top page again. Maybe next week...?
  • 10:03:26: Wow, the LE box is huge. :O I don't think that'll fit on my DVD shelf...グレパラ2到着.html
  • 10:08:18: The Another Jacket thing is a great idea. I'm probably going to use the Sense of Wonder jacket, haha.
  • 10:12:42: Gah, I'm /still/ cringing every time I remember how Ray got stabbed on last night's CSI. >_< Wish I could put that out of my mind...
  • 10:46:30: One thing that bothers me about Maid-sama is Usui is /too/ perfect. I'm guessing he has an angsty past, but I wish he'd have flaws too.
  • 10:48:36: Well, at least that and his stalker-ish behavior is lampshaded often. But I hope he gets developed more eventually.
  • 10:53:52: The show overall uses a lot of shoujo cliches, but I enjoy how it subverts some of them. Which is why I really like Misaki as a heroine.
  • 15:14:27: Finished Puchi Puri Yucie. Cried lots. ;__; Good ending. Good show!
  • 18:05:59: Finally posted it:
  • 18:07:22: Please join in guys, I don't want to be the only one commenting. ;__;
  • 18:10:06: Also the last question is my blatant attempt to give rise to more fanworks.

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