May 18th, 2010

Ashita he

From Twitter 05-17-2010

  • 11:57:36: Where'd this rumor come from that a preview for Pansuto will be in the Parallel Works 2 DVD? I haven't seen that anywhere official... o.o
  • 11:57:50: I mean, it would be cool if that were true, but...
  • 15:36:54: I hate this rainy weather. It's making me SOOO sleepy. x__x I should drink some tea...
  • 17:21:09: I feel bad for not posting any thoughts on Chapter 107 yet, but at this point everyone's already said what I think about it.
  • 17:21:50: So I guess I'll post my thoughts on 107 & 108 together next month. :(
  • 17:29:21: Okay, I will say one thing. Greed/Olivier would make an awesome pairing. If only Greed wasn't in Ling's body, I'd fully endorse it.
  • 17:31:04: But as it is, Ling is still physically 15/16 (and is likely to remain that way), so there's a squick factor. *taking this too seriously*
  • 17:31:58: Well, the pairing would still be a train wreck of epic proportions regardless. But that's what makes it fun.
  • 19:51:40: I think I'll be posting quite a bit to the GL comm this week...hope no one minds. x__x;
  • 22:22:27: Oh wow, so Kamina & Yoko in SOW might actually be prostitutes? o_o;;

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