May 17th, 2010

Ashita he

From Twitter 05-16-2010

  • 01:24:26: Wow, she can really sing!
  • 02:58:57: I wish 4chan would let you search a board for keywords, because I can never find the threads I want on /a/.
  • 03:16:54: Why didn't my tweets from yesterday get posted to my LJ...?
  • 03:36:07: I love the GL drama CDs because they do with hotblooded school shounen what GL did with the mecha genre. Also adding giant robots.
  • 03:36:46: And the result is fun in a knowingly ridiculous way.
  • 03:38:20: Speaking of which, right now I'm watching Blazing Transfer Student.
  • 03:46:34: "It looks like we can only settle this with a fight!" "Hey, this isn't fair...I beat you with my rhetoric!" Okay, I'm LOLing already.
  • 04:25:42: Even though I knew what would happen, today's episode of Brotherhood made me tear up. ;__;
  • 04:27:05: Kinda felt like there was a lot of filler though... Though I like that they keep showing what Al and co. are up to.
  • 05:05:49: Back to watching Blazing Transfer Student. This shit is hilarious:
  • 05:30:51: LOL it took so much cheating for Takizawa to win.
  • 14:27:03: Hmm, I want to organize something for GL fandom in the week leading up to PW2...maybe a community rewatch/discussion of PW1? Good/bad idea?

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