May 6th, 2010

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From Twitter 05-05-2010

  • 16:08:50: LMAO:
  • 16:48:55: Update on status of SoPHD Chap 11 Pt 3, for anyone who cares: Writing is all done, just waiting for my beta reader now.
  • 16:49:57: Will be taking the final two scenes of the chapter to Writer's Group tonight, so they'll be my first test audience. *nervous*
  • 16:50:35: Hopefully I can get it posted sometime tomorrow~~
  • 22:47:28: Back from Writer's Group. They liked it! :)
  • 22:48:32: I'm especially relieved that Ron said he "loved it" considering he was saying Simon was pissing him off a couple of weeks ago. XD;
  • 22:51:08: Good to know it can get the reactions I was looking for even from people who've never seen Gurren Lagann, ahaha.
  • 23:11:19: Dammit, I'm not going to be able to get the Yellow Forest route for my Pokewalker after all. D: STUPID NINTENDO WIFI. *cries*
  • 23:13:30: It's ridiculous how disappointed I am about this. .__.
  • 23:15:46: Guess I'll just have to keep running around Viridian Forest to get my Pikachu... *sigh*
  • 23:21:37: Also why isn't 2ch working for me today??? D:

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I've been following Yasuhiro Irie (director of FMA: Brotherhood) on Twitter. Turns out it was worth it, if only for this tweet by him today:

"We've received Hagane's original manga up to the final chapter in storyboard form, and using that as the source, we are making the scripts and storyboards. Arakawa-san has a powerful way of working. We're stupified by the amount of material in the final chapter. Whether crying or laughing, there's only two months left."

So finally, we have confirmation that 1) the anime will be following the manga all the way to the end, and 2) both manga and anime will be ending in two months. :( I wonder just how long the final chapter is going to be though. Personally I'm hoping for like 100 pages, but I dunno how realistic that would be. XD;
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Re: Heroman Episode 6

Wow, this was a pretty good episode. :O Finally, I could feel some tension. I'm actually looking forward to seeing what happens next. Maybe this show will be worth sticking with after all?

I like that they showed the President being very reluctant to use nukes. I'm curious about that mad scientist guy who turned up at the end. I've been wanting to see the government prove itself useful somehow, rather than Heroman being humanity's only hope (in which case I think Earth is screwed at the rate they're going), so I hope he has something up his sleeve.

Also, I'm calling it right now-- the boss alien is Joey's father!!!!!!