May 4th, 2010

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From Twitter 05-03-2010

  • 01:12:38: Currently am rereading old posts about the Spiral Boy manga and rolling my eyes at all the made-up info and "WHAT NO KAMINA" outrage. -_-
  • 01:16:40: Makes me a little sad though, seeing how many people were commenting about it back then compared to now...
  • 02:17:52: Hahaha this is an awesome AMV.
  • 13:44:10: I had a dream that I was Harry Potter and I was trying to keep Pride (from FMA manga/Brotherhood) from unleashing his evil on the world.
  • 13:47:02: I had kept Pride in a little jar in Philosopher's Stone form, but then someone found where I hid it, so I decided to destroy it instead...
  • 13:48:25: But then Pride transformed into a mosquito and went around sucking peoples' blood in an effort to restore his body...
  • 13:49:15: So I guess in that dream Pride was actually combined with Envy too.

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Talk Live Animated in Tokyo is over now... It seems a whole bunch of people who didn't go to the other events attended...such as Imaishi, Nakashima, Mori Koutarou....

2ch says that at the end, they advertised a new original anime by the Gurren Lagann staff that's been rumored for a while...

Director: Hiroyuki Imaishi
Character design: Atsushi Nishigori
Main animator: You Yoshinari


EDIT: Wait what? Yoshinari is character designer? I'm getting some conflicting news here... The anime is about...panty stockings...? What...?? Well, seems it'll be announced in this month's Newtype so we'll know more then...

EDIT 2: Duuude if this is the new GAINAX anime taking place in 1900-1930's England and Imaishi is the director....I seriously can't begin to imagine what that's going to be like. LMAO.

EDIT 2: Wait, seriously? The anime is called "Panty&Stocking"? Huh...?! WAIT WAIT WAIT, so the two heroines are named Panty and Stocking and there's a guy named Garter Belt...? WHAT. XD "It's like Dead Leaves became cute and catchy." O...OMG WHAT.
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I'll make a post about the TLA: Tokyo event later, because MY SHIGOTO DAMA JUST ARRIVED IN THE MAIL!!!

I'm just flipping through it right now, but OMG IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL.


EDIT: S-so much lineart and storyboards, omg. All the rough sketches of the Tengen Toppa Gunmen are adorable. XD

EDIT 2: FFFFFFFFF Yoshinari's ideas for his AU Nia illustration... SO MANY MECHA DESIGNS HOLY JEEZ.

EDIT 3: Okay, skim-reading a few scenes from Nakashima's original Lagann-hen script...LMAO, the scene of Nia beating up Viral just keeps going on and on. XDD And wow, Simon actually breaks out of his cell and grabs her to stop her from torturing Viral...this is kinda hot.

Yeah, I'm going to have to set aside a few hours for this tonight. SO MUCH reading material omg.