February 7th, 2010

Ashita he

From Twitter 02-06-2010

  • 01:12:11: We're in the middle of the Snowpocalypse and Fox is airing the Simpsons episode about Homer getting a snow plow. Is this intentional?
  • 01:43:32: Does anyone else think captainosaka should quit promising when he'll release pages and just release them when they're done? :/
  • 01:59:56: YES! FINALLY. http://captainosaka.deviantart.com/art/DOUBLE-K-041-153064877
  • 15:33:24: Apparently there's a massive snowball fight going on in DC right now but I'm too busy FREAKING OUT over the new FMA chapter.
  • 15:38:25: Not that I could get to DC in these conditions anyway. When I look outside, all I see is WHITE SNOW EVERYWHERE COVERING EVERYTHING.
  • 16:43:39: I think I can be too honest at times. This is why I can't think of writing anything for fandomsecrets. I just say everything out loud. :/
  • 16:50:11: Sorry I'm such a bitch, everyone.

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