January 14th, 2010

Ashita he

From Twitter 01-13-2010

  • 05:04:10: Now that I've seen how long it takes for Morikota to add tones, I'm going to boggle every time I see his manga art.
  • 05:05:53: I mean jeez, how many tones does he use just for Nia's /eyes/? Three or four? What a pain. D:
  • 05:12:24: Come on, captainosaka, are you ever going to update that 3rd page? :(
  • 05:13:36: Though again, I suppose I'm not one to complain. I did just take half a year to update my own fanfic.
  • 16:20:25: There is something funny and surreal about watching a mangaka getting drunk at 5 in the morning (Japan time). Complete with singing.
  • 18:12:53: Whee, I asked Morikota what they're calling the Lagann/Yoko M Tank gattai form.
  • 18:13:54: He says he's calling it Tank-Lagann or Milk-Lagann but that there's no official name yet. I like Tank-Lagann personally.
  • 23:40:22: Why does every GL thread at /m/ have to turn into a bitchfest now? Makes me wonder why I still check over there.

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