November 26th, 2009

Ashita he

From Twitter 11-25-2009

  • 17:04:12: I made $100 over the past two days cleaning the house. And I just spent 90% of that on the pre-order of Lagann-hen limited edition, heh.
  • 17:05:04: And I added what I had left to my travel savings, so in the end I'm left with nothing! -_-;
  • 17:12:07: Speaking of travel savings, right now I have $255 saved up.
  • 17:13:50: And I have a 10,000 yen bill leftover from my last Japan trip that I'll use for this winter's Japan trip...I'll need more than that though.
  • 17:17:53: You know, I was surprised to hear that there's actually people out there who overdraw their checking accounts.
  • 17:18:43: Is it really so hard to keep track of how much money you have?
  • 17:49:51: Dammit, I made a list last night of how much food I have to live on until mom comes back from Paris.
  • 17:50:06: And before she left this afternoon, mom had eaten like...half of it.
  • 17:57:53: Seriously, she ate like three meals' worth of food. :| And all she's going to do for the rest of the day is sleep on a plane.
  • 18:02:42: And of course after that, she's going to be eating French cuisine for the rest of the week. *jealous*
  • 18:06:18: Oh well. She'll come back having gained like ten pounds and I'll still be thin and frugal.
  • 22:40:36: OMFG, I wish I knew sooner that there was so much genderswitch Simon/Nia out there.
  • 22:41:47: I am SO getting that doujinshi.

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