November 23rd, 2009

Ashita he

From Twitter 11-22-2009

  • 06:17:36: Spiral Boy is going on sale as a tankoubon? In January?
  • 06:18:17: But hasn't there been only three chapters so far...? And it doesn't say "Volume 1" either...
  • 06:19:44: The story seems too complicated to be resolved in one book. Don't tell me it's going to be cancelled like Gurren Gakuen-hen...?!
  • 06:20:47: Are we going to see another Swordmaster Yamato end? D: I hope I'm just reading too much into this...
  • 06:35:47: 螺旋少年譚が打ち切りになるのか怖くなってきた...まあ、自分はまだ一話しか読んでないから終わりそうなのかどうかはあまり分からないけど。でもほんと「1」が無いのが心配。
  • 14:33:54: Tiling is FINALLY over, thank god.
  • 14:34:29: I wouldn't be so pissed about this if it weren't for the fact that it was only after we'd cleaned the whole house that she decided on it.
  • 14:35:16: Now everything's a mess again so we have to do it all over. GAH.
  • 14:36:24: But at least now the house will be liveable again.

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Apparently we're going to Japan for Christmas. o_o

...Well, as long as I get to go again in March.

EDIT: Hmm, maybe I'll be able to see the Macross Frontier movie?
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